Coproduction Series

Ciona Taylor Productions wants to help you get on stage!

Currently accepting play submissions for our new Coproduction Series. A Story Well Told… is a curate evening of plays designed to help playwrights stage new works without costing a fortune.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You submit your play to be apart of our evening of curated works.
  2. If your play is accepted, you then pay the $65 participation fee which includes performance space, tech time, and marketing support.
  3. You send us your marketing material so we can promote your play.
  4. Your team goes off to rehearse and we both tell the world about your play and encourage the masses to come see your play.
  5. The play is staged. The audience loves your new play, and you get a portion of the box office receipts.**

**Unlike a typical 10 minute play festival, we do not keep the box office. 60% of the Box Office Net sales will be split amongst the producers/ playwrights. That’s right not only would you have an opportunity to make back the participation fee, but you may also make enough to pay yourself and your creative team.

Why You Should Participate:

– No submission fee.

– Great Opportunity to grow your audience base

– Work with an experienced production company that can guide you with casting needs.

– Cheaper than producing on your own.

– Make money


How to Participate:

Plays may be submitted by the playwright, theatrical group, director, or a producer. Plays must be original works (sorry, you can’t perform a previously published play or a scene from a movie). All playwrights will be required to sign a release giving consent for the work to appear in the showcase.

If your play is selected, you must provide a producer/ account representative for your team. The playwright can be the account repressentative. The Account Representative is the only contact person we will speak to for coordinating show times, rehearsal progress, and payment.

If your play is selected you are responsible for your own director, production team, casting, costuming, props, sets. Remember you aren’t producing this on your own. We can help you set up your audition and collaborate with the other producers to swap costumes or share set pieces.

Remit your 10 minute play (the 10 minutes includes setup and strike) via email to:

Production Participation fee of $65 due upon acceptance of script.

What you get:

  • Professional theater
  • Marketing assistance
  • Box Office Ticketing System
  • Light/ Sound operator
  • 60% of box office revenue
  • 20 minutes of rehearsal/tech time in performance space




Theater, Dance, and Vaudeville Producer | Professional Choreographer| Dance Teacher| Burlesque Dancer
Thank you for checking out my LinkedIn Profile. I am a professional entertainer and an experienced entertainment specialist. What on earth does that mean, you ask? It means exactly, what you thought it did. It means I help bring dreams to life on stage, whether by performing a dance myself, choreographing a dance for someone else to learn, or hiring an incredible team of talented individuals to perform at your upcoming event. Entertainment is the emotions from our dreams, and that is what I specialize in.

As an Entertainment Specialist I actively:

– Produce shows- Live shows and prerecorded shows. Mainly theater, dance, variety shows, burlesque shows, live music performances, and radio theater.

– Perform on stage- Contemporary Dance, Ballroom Dance, Burlesque, Choreography, Acting, Singing, Hosting

– Provide Entertainment for Events- Birthday Parties, Product Launches, Album Release Parties, Corporate Events

– Performance Education- Creating educational workshops for children and adults, Social dance classes for adults, Wedding Dance choreography for couples

I have almost 20 years experience in the entertainment industry and almost a decade of experience as a small business owner. I have many loves in life, but the one thing I love most is helping people see their dreams come true.

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