Free theater at 7:30pm September 20th. Pulp and the Pinup

Pulp and the Pinup

7:30pm, 3rd Tuesday of the month

Sapphire Lounge

249 Eldridge Street, NYC.

via subway take F train to 2nd Ave, Houston

A live radio theater style reading of Pulp Fiction Classics. A new story every month.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Paul Chadwick’s Mistress of Snarling Death

Stephen Demarest might have gone back from that barren, eroded wateland, where those gigantic black dogs ringed him in a sinster circle. But the weirdly beautiful mistress of the great beasts fixed him with her strange, smoldering eyes-eyes that both attracted and frightened. And the attraction was greater than the fear. 

starring: The Luvely Rae as the Pinup, Anna Galuza as Gail Halliday & Nana Larsen, and Joel Domenico as Stephen Demerest & Eric Larsen.

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